Do something to save the wild horses

I am new to this province and so far from what I have seen and how this province handles wildlife is just flat out disgusting.

First I hear about the big horned sheep, and how they don't "fit" into the lifestyles of the rich and famous up on the golf courses, so they will be relocated or worse. And now, these wild horses that the government likes to call feral horses, being rounded up and auctioned off for pet food? And why? Because of some grass? Because cows in the area cannot eat the grass once it's been chomped off so short? I'm sorry, but fence your cattle in and feed them correctly.

You people need to give your heads a shake and wake up and see the big picture. I totally understand that B.C. now stands for Bring Cash, and the cattle industry is huge, but honestly, if you where born and raised here, why would you want to destroy something that adds to the province?

In the United States there is federal law protecting the wild horses. Called the 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act, it provides federal laws giving these horses protection in all states. It provides for substantial penalties for those that care to break the law and specifically outlines how the horses must be caught, treated and in most cases adopted out.

Also in various states, including Montana and Wyoming, there are further state laws that offer their horses protection. In most cases the "wild horses" are defined as free roaming unbranded horses.

I understand that in Canada, Alberta, and B.C. there is little done along these lines and very few people even realize that there are still wild horses in Canada and/or Alberta and British Columbia. Nor are the horses recognized for what they are and the value they represent to us and the future generations to follow.

This senseless slaughter and indifference of the government must be stopped. If not, there is no future for the wild horses of British Columbia. We must do something soon to preserve them if our children and their children are to be able to enjoy the wonderful beauty of these "wild horses of British Columbia," in their natural environment. Their future is truly in our hands.

I would help in any way possible, my funds are limited but would be willing to offer my time or whatever is needed to try to raise awareness about these animals around the world.



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