Don't give in to road rage

Recently a semi-truck operator and the driver of an SUV got into a brawl at a stop-light on Highway 97 in 100 Mile House. Details are unavailable from the Mounties as it is an ongoing investigation but Rural Crime Watch interviewed several witnesses who concurred that the SUV stopped at the light in front of Tim Horton's with the semi behind. Both guys got out and started fighting. One witness said he overheard the men shouting about one cutting the other off on the highway. Are these people crazy?

Even in urban mania, this behaviour is absurd. Having noted that, do you think you're capable of road rage, given someone pushes your buttons? You ever flip someone the finger? Had it done to you? What motivated you to get so angry and out of control that you would present a stranger with the vulgar gesture? How did you feel being the recipient?

A Chevrolet Silverado tried to passa Ford pick-up on a rural stretch of a Langley highway around 2 a.m. In the process the Ford driver forced the Silverado off the road, then took off. Not satisfied with vehicle damage and obviously still angered by someone attempting to pass "Him," the Ford driver returned and smashed into the Silverado killing the driver.

Why didn't bystanders get involved and stop the rutting males in 100 Mile House before one needed medical aid? Have ruralists succumbed to the metropolis mentality of not wanting to get involved?

RCW advises that common courtesy be your norm and if you're harbouring anger or animosities while driving, stop, take a break and refocus. If you're harassed by another driver, don't stop to "discuss" the issue, pull over and let the other vehicle pass. If the other driver insists on a confrontation, multitask and call 911!

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