Film society did its best with glitches

Like Justin Tyler Sorge ("Edits to film society movies annoy viewer") and hundreds of other attendees at our two most recent screenings, I was frustrated at the technical problems that we encountered.

The Kamloops Film Society relies on prints arriving from film societies in other B.C. communities, sometimes arriving just a few hours before our screening time in Kamloops. Occasionally - and this is what occurred with "The Guard" and "A Better Life" - the print is damaged or incorrectly set up on the reels.We are working with the Paramount Theatre manager to ensure that the prints are pre-screened so that this situation is not repeated.

Immediately after the Oct. 13 screening of "The Guard," I used the house PA system to apologize to theatre-goers on behalf of the society. When the final scene of "A Better Life" on Oct. 27 was cut off by an improperly set house-lights cue on the reel, I asked the Paramount manager to re-splice the film and show the remaining scene to audience members. Had Mr. Sorge waited for a few minutes or approached one of our board members at the conclusion of the film, he would have had the opportunity to view the denouement.

As for Mr. Sorge's inability to contact the society through our website, we take full responsibility.The society is in the process of developing our new website and not all of its features are up and running yet.If he would like to contact us directly, he can e-mail the Society at

I do hope that Mr. Sorge will be "occupying" a comfortable seat in the Paramount for our final two films of the fall series on Nov. 17 and Nov. 24.


Kamloops Film Society

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