First-rate care appreciated

So many times we hear negative comments about the quality of care at Royal Inland Hospital.

We understand that nothing can be perfect and that everyone's needs cannot be met all the time. So, it is important for our family to say that the care our brother/uncle, Glen Reiners, received in the emergency ward, 7 North, at Ponderosa (Pathways to Home program) and from Rev. Viktor Gundel was greatly appreciated.

At no time did we feel we were neglected. The compassion, communication and caring was outstanding.

As a patient, Glen received constant compassionate care. The members of our family and Glen's friends felt reassured in knowing he was in good hands.

We are so very grateful for everything that the medical community did for our brother/uncle/friend. They are to be commended for their professionalism and dedication.

A humble thank-you is sent to Rev. Viktor for his concern and spiritual direction. RIH is blessed to have him as part of their team.



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