Hallway medicine still practised at RIH

I am offended at the "comments" by Kevin Krueger that he has heard nothing negative from his constituents about the situation at RIH.

I was a patient there in August and not even 36 hours after major abdominal surgery I was shoved into the hall to accommodate a patient waiting for a care home.

Not 36 hours after discharge I ended up in ER due to septic conditions in my wound. I was admitted again for almost two weeks and required extensive follow up with the RIH outpatient clinic at the Lansdowne location for more than two months for wound care.

No one knows if my hallway experience caused my further issues, but I cannot imagine that having my dressings changed under a vent with dust dripping off it was good for my health.

The fact that six months later there is still "hallway medicine" being practiced here is disgusting to me and so many other Kamloopsians. Shame on you, Mr. Krueger, for thinking that just because people have not contacted you that they are okay with this. More like they are too sick to complain and are fearful of further admissions to RIH.

I am facing another surgery that I have been waiting "patiently" for, only to have the fear of being admitted to RIH again front and center in my mind. I for one can not handle the "hallway" option... you get no privacy while doctors are discussing your case, no sleep because bells are going off at all hours, cleaning is being done around you, and you are supposed to be healing your body.

The staff are wonderful there but they have very little to do with no support from our government in the way of funding increased to keep people from getting sicker.

Kevin, give your head a shake and pray you or a family member never faces this degrading form of "medical" care.

Maybe if it happened to elected officials and their families we may see some quicker action.



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