Heads should roll over jailhouse murder

I realize this didn't occur in Kamloops but it does speak volumes about the state of our Correctional Services.

Michael Wayne McGray, a convicted serial killer, who has been handed six concurrent life sentences and was held in several maximum security prisons, wound up at Kent Institution in Agassiz, in segregation. The powers that be, for whatever reason, transferred McGray to a medium security facility at Mountain Institution.

McGray boasted that he could kill again even while in prison: "Just because I'm locked up in segregation doesn't mean I can't kill somebody....I have a chance every day." Killing is "almost a hunger. It's something I need. I have to have that physical release. When I kill, it's a big high for me."

A couple of weeks ago, one day after being locked up together, McGray's cellmate was found murdered.

Who, in their right mind, would transfer an animal like McGray from a maximum security to a medium security institution? I don't give a damn about those who are the worst of the worst, but heads should roll over this incident!



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