Hope MLA will live up to health promotion title

It's sad to see that politics still appear to play a major role within the Interior Health Authority executive since its reorganization, as shown by the continued avoidance towards fair treatment and funding for Royal Inland Hospital.

RIH is allocated $11 million while $2 billion is being spent on the 'chosen few hospitals' within the Interior. What a joke!

I was very amused to see Terry Lake's letter to the editor showing his new government title of parliamentary secretary for health promotion. Now with him supporting George Abbott for the leadership race, I would hope he's going to seriously promote RIH growth and funding within his health promotion portfolio.

I have seen no past action on either his or Mr Abbott's part (when he was health minister) ensuring RIH gets a fair share of IH funding. I realize that the heath authorities were setup throughout the province by the government to make it more "cost effective and centralized" to run some of our health system.

It doesn't seem to work for Kamloops and RIH, and if the mandate is failing, it's the responsibility of the government to review the situation and take action as required. I have seen nothing of this from Mr Lake or Mr Abbott in the past.

George Abbott wouldn't commit to any initiatives for RIH in recent interviews as he made his Kamloops campaign stop.

Lake says we need a "leader from the interior" and one that collaborates with the people. Political rhetoric again, just as there was no collaboration with the people before or after the HST was introduced. Could it be Mr Campbell controlled them like a puppet-master and they fell in line"

Where were some real criteria like fighting for issues within the interior communities, like RIH growth and funding in Kamloops? Is the next election campaign going to again be focused on the usual rhetoric or on real action plans for issues. It's time MLAs actually get things done, instead of the continual spin doctoring for the party and their re-election.

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