Hospice brings comfort to those in need

Kamloops, as a community, is so blessed to have the Kamloops Hospice Association here for those in need.

My mom just passed away in the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Hospice Home much too early, yet so peacefully. Sadly, my family is all too familiar with what an amazing place it is, after already having had my dad pass away there in 2007.

After dad's passing, the hospice became a big part of mom's life as she attended grief support meetings there, receiving both love and guidance in helping her deal with the loss of her husband. Little did she know that five and half years later she herself would be spending her last month in the care of those same wonderful people.

The doctors and nurses at Royal Inland Hospital do everything they can to support palliative patients, but the hospital can be a tough place to be.

The Hospice House, as a facility, could not be a more peaceful contrast. Quiet, private rooms for the residents to spend their last days visiting peacefully with family and friends, restive, comfortable sitting areas for those same people to support one another outside their loved ones' room, and the gorgeous view of Kamloops out every window.

But, the most wonderful part of the hospice facility is the incredibly caring staff and volunteers, which deserve so much of our gratitude. They treat and look after every person in there, whether they are a patient or a loved one of a patient, as a cared for and valued friend.

It takes a very special sort of person to be willing to allow themselves to become so connected to a patient (and to friends and family) that they know will soon be passing on.

I am writing this letter to thank those incredible people that work and volunteer at the Hospice.

I also want to ask the people of this city to remember how important their financial support is to the operation of the Kamloops Hospice Association.

As pointed out by friends visiting mom from elsewhere, Kamloops is so fortunate to have this wonderful place as part of our community.



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