Leave secondary schools alone

Recent coverage of the Sa-Hali reconfiguration meeting was absolutely shameful. Clearly, your reporter wasn't in attendance.

While three speakers focused on sports, the other 11 focused on the academic, social and emotional benefits of the 8 -12 configuration, international students and an alternate proposal for saving money.

The proposal put forth by Cheryl McDonald focused on moving the Beattie Pineridge campus (secondary) students into South Kamloops secondary as a "school within a school." She so clearly laid out the flaws in the district's numbers that she received a standing ovation from the nearly 500 people present.

Mr. Dhaliwal presented the information regarding increasing international student enrolment as a means of increasing funds to the district.

Does the paper have a bias here? Your articles make it appear you have already decided that South Kamloops secondary needs to roll back time and return to "glory days" as a senior secondary school.

The suggestion to rename SKSS back to Kam High is as repellent as a teenager rubbing his hands with glee over owning Grandpa's car before he's even in his grave. Supposedly, nothing has been decided, but perhaps some people know something the rest of us don't?

Are the voices of students, parents and teachers being heard? The overwhelming majority are asking to leave the current secondary school configuration alone. An 8 -12 model is the best configuration for ensuring students are truly life-long learners and have the most opportunities for involvement and leadership.

There are other ways of achieving cost efficiencies and our province is leaving schools to twist in the financial storm. Let's continue working with a configuration that meets the needs of 21st century learners, rather than return to a 20th century model.

SA-HALI SECONDARY STAFF Cecile McVittie, Cheryl Dedels, Doris Voelkening, Dennis Desrosier, Ashley Robertson, Bill Haug, Suzanne Blohm, Leslie Graham, Liana Pavlovic, Denis Jacques, Susan Dumbrell, Lorraine Balogh, Mary Bartucci, Janet Dennis, Jody Vosper, Tanya Cail, Matt Marra, Josee Osborne, John Wedley, Carol Howie, Lorraine Cameron, Gord Waterous, Kathy Dahl, Kerri Halliwell

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