Love is a powerful universal language

Recently I read that words have no meaning unless they provoke action. This statement turned my spoken world upside down. It bothered me at first.

I thought wisdom was going to be my only tool to be heard and I feared I had not enough. I started to analyze things I said from my past to present and I fell silent.

I spent more time worrying that I was going to cause those around me to be still if I didn't pour positivity from my lips on a constant basis. Amongst my concern I had another thought. What if I was creating this proverbial mountain out of a mole hill? I shifted my thoughts from needing to save the world to the basics.

I realized I don't need to be a superhero to provoke action. I closed my eyes and remembered all the times I've said I love you to my girls. Those three words cause them to feel safe and secure. I remembered the laughter and stories shared with friends and that causes my heart to feel joy.

Love is a universal language that can be shared without being spoken. I will no longer define action by speech alone. A gentle touch, a kind gesture, or something as simple as a smile, can speak a thousand words.



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