Mom sends big thank you to Kamloops

We, Connie, Chad and Carl, want to give a big thank you to Kamloops residents for the Christmas we thought we'd never have.

You all brought our family together and it would never have happened without you.

We are truly grateful for all the kindness we received. I wish you were all there to see the happiness in the boys' eyes. Their smiles said it all.

My heart is still in my throat and lots of tears of joy. We thank you once again, Kamloops, for bringing our family together again.

A very special thank you to the staff at The Daily News, Glendene Grant and family, Davidsons and family; Andrew, Judy, Alyssa, Nick and Ryan and family, Diane; and everyone else who helped bring my kids to Kamloops for the holiday.

Thank you from our hearts,



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