Negative comments about NorKam inappropriate

I have been saddened by the inflammatory and inappropriate comments made publicly by some of the parents of Westsyde and Brock secondary schools regarding NorKam secondary school.

I completely understand that these parents and students are only trying to keep their respective schools as they are.

However, I am appalled that these parents who may have never even been to NorKam are making ridiculous assumptions about a wonderful school.

I have lived in North Kamloops for 41 years. I graduated from NorKam in 1977. I have been a teacher in this district for 27 years and 22 of those years have been spent at NorKam.

For more than 40 years we have been a multicultural school rich in diversity of lifestyles, religion, ethnicity, and economic status.

We have programs for everyone here, from honours classes to great vocational programs. There are many extra curricular activities and programs here at NorKam. Every year we have trips planned to different countries in the world. This year one of our groups is travelling to Egypt.

We take care of each other with our Peer Helping programs (21 years in action), and our after-school Success Club which is an academic intervention program to ensure that all our students are successful. Our athletic department welcomes all students, not just the elite.

Many NHL superstars like Jarome Iginla, Darryl Sydor, and Shane Doan, to name three, have graduated from NorKam. Many prominent people in our community and many who live all over the world are proud NorKam grads.

Most important is that our students feel safe here. They have every opportunity to be successful.

What upsets me the most is that these adults who are making these inappropriate comments are hurting our students. They are attacking our children and destructive comments like the ones made at Brock's meeting Nov. 5 are completely unacceptable and untrue.

NorKam Secondary is a great school. I am honoured to work with a teaching and support staff who really care about our students. Most of all, I am honoured to work with the nicest, sweetest, most appreciative kids I have ever known.

I would like to make a final comment to the parents and students of Brock and Westsyde. The staff and students of NorKam will welcome your children with open arms. You can rest assured that we will teach them, respect them, nurture them and value them just as you do.



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