People don't stay in towns like Timmins

Quote from the city of Timmins website:

"Since the discovery of the first mine in 1909, there have been 49 other mines that have opened in the Timmins area. To date these operations have produced over 60 million ounces of gold. Many mines are still in operation and many exploration companies continue to explore and discover the treasure located beneath the City of Timmins. In fact, we have the highest number of active exploration claims in Ontario and have approximately 90 exploration companies working within the city".

Timmins, Sudbury, and Ajax seem to be on everybody's mind. How many people that live in Kamloops have ever been to Timmins or Sudbury? I'm not sure of that figure, but I am willing to bet more left those areas as young people than ever left Kamloops. I have lived in Kamloops for 32 years now and I have to tell you I know more people from Timmins and Sudbury now after 32 years living here as we all left in droves from those cesspools.

I still have family living in those areas but not too many now as most have left, I was last there two years ago.

If you want to have this mine go ahead, but know this, your children will leave when they get older as mining towns are boom and bust. Timmins has a smaller population now than when I left that area but has more mines now, and also a smaller population, as most miners do not live where they work, example Logan Lake.

The rivers and lakes you can fish in them, but due to pollution levels you have to consult your book to see how many fish you can eat safely in a month depending on the waterway or lake you caught it in. You can obtain this book at any natural resources outlet and brewers retail in Ontario if you want to go down that path kiss the Adams run goodbye in 20 to 30 years. I will never forget when the school bus sunk into an abandoned mine shaft one morning, fortunately no one was killed but the bus is still in the mine shaft they just covered it over, and lots of houses in Timmins have access to the old mineshafts. I have been in them, over 600 miles of shafts under Timmins. Sudbury I remember when they completed the super stack to let their pollution flow away from the community that basically started the onslaught of acid rain in northern Ontario, going fishing in a lake you went too for years and suddenly no fish, not even a minnow, it was called progress. I and thousands of others called it disgusting and so we left. When I arrived here 32 years ago I told my wife it will probably take 30 to 40 years for the polluters to get out here and here they come. Oh and as I make my point in this letter, one more fact about Timmins is their population is only 43,000 people, not even half of Kamloops, which has one mine so it tells you although mining is a high paying job nobody wants to live in a mining community they just want the wages and live elsewhere.



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