People often become 'lazy savages'

I just read your editorial regarding waste on streets. Having worked in highway maintenance and in garbage collection, I have witnessed this problem first- hand. I worked in Rogers Pass for Parks Canada, where I would spend about three weeks in the spring picking up roadside litter left over from the winter.

It was amazing what was left along the side of the road for others to pick up. My favourite was soiled diapers that parents left for someone else to clean up.

I have also observed people emptying their wastewater tanks from RVs along the side of the highway. When working as a snowplow driver on the Coquihalla. I was at the old toll plaza, near a bathroom building that was closed. Needless to say that didn't prevent people from using the surrounding area to relieve themselves even though 10 minutes down the highway, a nice warm, open bathroom was available.

My observation of this problem is people are basically lazy and turn into savages when no one is watching them.

Not many people wouldenjoy someone leaving a soiled diaper on their front lawn or have their neighbours relieve themselves on their driveway, but think nothing of doing it themselves out on the open road.



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