Politics is about politicking

In response to Terry Lake's comments suggesting that Adrian Dix is "politicking," well, just in case Mr. Lake doesn't know this, Adrian Dix is a politician and "politicking" is part of his job. Perhaps Mr. Lake should go back to Kindergarten and learn what the definition of a "politician" is.

Secondly, Mr. Lake asks what we would like our kids and grand kids to see. Obviously we would like to see both the HST and PST gone. If Alberta can do it so can we. We have already paid more because of his party's reckless behaviour.

Then he has the Domtar Smokestack to suggest that we vote with our heads and not our hearts? Just because you are heartless and have no integrity, Mr. Lake, doesn't mean we are just going to vote to help cover up your party's mistakes.

Perhaps if we weren't lied to about this whole fiasco we could vote with our mind but our minds are telling us to not vote towards a party that has no integrity, and is trying to make us feel guilty for how we choose to vote.

I am voting to extinguish the HST and I hope Mr. Lake that if you want any chance of saving your job that you vote to also get rid of the PST.

It worked with the Coquihalla. Maybe it will work by getting rid of the HST.



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