RCMP officers just plain rude

I live 25 km east of the city of Kamloops and drive the No.1 Highway fairly frequently, having lived in the same location for the past four years.

During these drives I notice huge trucks, some of which are logging trucks, in the left lane at speeds far in access of the posted 100 kms.

Two days ago I was returning from a hospital appointment at about 2 p.m. in the 100 km speed zone when a fully laden logging truck overtook me in the left lane. I was driving at 105 km and this truck was moving far in access of me.

Although I knew I was going to break the law I made the decision to find out for myself the exact speed this logging truck was traveling at. I pulled out into the left lane and accelerated to level with the truck and drove for about 100 metres alongside it. We were both now exceeding the speed limit and driving at 122 km per hour.

The reason I have written this letter is because a couple of weeks ago I believe there was discussion as to whether or not the City of Kamloops would renew the RCMP contract later this year and possibly have their own police force.

I would like to emphasize that the following comments do not relate to all police officers I have come in contact with but certainly more than 50 per cent.

1. Driving to Kamloops with a punctured tire that my neighbour had pumped up for me prior to leaving for the nearest repair shop westbound on Highway 1 I had my hazard lights flashing and keeping to the right side, half on the right lane and half on the shoulder to allow all other traffic to flow normally as it was the busy time of the morning on the road. I was stopped by a female officer and told that I should not be driving on the shoulder (correct) and that I had been weaving on and off the shoulder, these comments made in a rude, abusive manner. I explained the reason why I was doing. She then started to kick my tires and in a loud voice shouted "which tire has the puncture as they all appear to be in good shape."

I explained that I had just pulled off the highway at a gas station (Petro Canada) to put air in the punctured tire again. She then told me in no uncertain terms to get back on the road but continued to rant at me.

2. On two occasions I have been spoken to in an extremely rude manner and on one occasion the "f"" word was used.

3. About a week ago I was driving down the hill from Costco on the main road and noticed on the off ramp to Highway 5 a car had obviously broken down with the hood up and a lady standing by the side of it and a police car drove past me, took the off ramp and drove straight past her. Amazing.

So my answer to the question as to whether the RCMP should be replaced is a definite yes. I am in my late 70's, have lived and driven in many countries, and in all of these countries if I asked for help or was stopped by police for any reason I was always addressed as "sir." Under no circumstances do I accept their attitude towards me by these uniformed RCMP employees.



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