RCMP's motto has become hypocritical

In response to the "dumping RCMP" being "premature" and "simplistic" as stated in the Oct. 5, 2011, letter from Alex McLean.

People with shallow and unrealistic views on reality are what killed Jesus and to you the world is still flat.

You are no doubt without any empathy for any of the victims or families of the victims as manifested by a "public service" whose motto of "To Serve and Protect" now is no more than a hypocritical curtain used to hide behind.

You can take the "copout" excuses or even justifications made in the book you recommended that was written by a Mountie and seriously pretentious opinion conjured by yourself and please keep them to yourself.

If the actions that were not dealt any kind of real justice in regards to the RCMP such as the killings of citizens by use of lethal force; the brutality and beatings on citizens; the attempted cover up and obstruction made by Mounties; the sexual perversion with an entire RCMP station; or being granted full pardons in exchange for guilty pleas of assault in the courts as just the tip of the iceberg does not warrant the need for immediate change that you claim as being "premature."

I truly would not want to live in a society built on your perception of acceptable time frames of change, because the world could be in ruin and you would still defend the cause.



Editor's Note: The RCMP motto is "Maintiens le droit," variously translated from French as "Defending the law" or "Maintain the right." "To serve and protect" is associated with U.S. police departments such as the LAPD.

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