Reader pleads with Glacier to keep Daily News going

I hear with sadness and disappointment that Glacier Media is closing down the Kamloops Daily News within 60 days because it is deemed not economically viable.

I believe this to be a very ill-conceived idea and intention. There is more to any enterprise than strictly financial decisions, and one of the key considerations for any company is community service/community connection.

Kamloops has an active, educated, vibrant population in excess of 85,000 and deserves to be served by a quality newspaper. Surely a community with a university, a symphony, a live theatre company, a regional hospital, several large employers, a junior hockey team, a large First Nations band, abundant recreational opportunities, and in the midst of many natural resources, can support a daily newspaper.

In addition, Kamloops is one of the few communities where agencies, developers, city workers, political groups and faith communities co-operate and work together in a spirit of collaboration and community service.

I believe The Daily News has been a integral part of all that happens and all the connections in this city - and should continue to be so.

Especially now with the community-dividing issue of the proposed Ajax mine on our doorstep, a daily and impartial news service is absolutely essential in maintaining perspective and in giving citizens the opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

Also, The Daily News has been instrumental in community-building and local fundraising through various initiatives such as the Christmas Cheer campaign and Boogie the Bridge.

The newspaper always sponsors a community forum in the lead-up to an election at any level - and the venue is usually at maximum capacity for such events.

The Daily News provides very good coverage of local and national events and news and relatively good coverage of world events. Thanks to a very capable and dedicated staff, the editorials are well-informed and thought-provoking, and usually deal with issues of concern to many. The various columnists provide excellent all-round perspectives on many topics from both the left and right sides of the political spectrum.

The journalists cover the issues very well, and provide follow-up on topics of ongoing interest. They are always responsive to emerging stories, not only from a journalistic point of view but also from a personal perspective.

All the carriers I've met are reliable, honest and dedicated.

My only complaint with The Daily News is that there is no Sunday edition!

Please, please, Glacier, re-consider your intention to cease publishing The Daily News.

Please also consider your responsibilities as a good corporate citizen to the residents of Kamloops. Please don't leave this city serviced by only a free, totally "local-focus" paper that does not have the same quality of journalism as The Daily News. We deserve better and desire better.

Certainly, technological advances have made it difficult for the print media to operate as it once did, but surely there are alternatives and opportunities besides The Daily News ceasing operation.



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