RIH security guys will be missed

Many employees at the hospital were saddened on Tuesday, June 8 when we suddenly got word that Len and his security staff were told that their services would no longer be needed and they were asked to leave.

This came a month earlier than expected and there was no time to say goodbye or wish them well. Shock waves reverberated through the hospital when we got the news that the guys were gone. In the end, there was no time for closure.

I have worked at RIH since 1988 and interacted with security on a daily basis in my previous position as an admitting and emergency room clerk. Many times, on evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, I had to call for their help and they responded immediately.

They were a great group of men and I will miss them a lot. They did an excellent job over the years and I thank them for that. This has been difficult to watch the privatization of their positions and difficult to understand why it needed to happen in the first place.

Abrupt termination of the security staff last Tuesday came across as cold and calculating, which leaves me to wonder, "Whose job will be next?"



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