Sending a goodbye love letter to my newspaper

Everything I achieved in my career, I owe to The Kamloops Daily News.

I grew up at The Daily News. I made lifelong friends because of The Daily News.

I interviewed prime ministers, movie stars and every day heroes because of The Daily News.

I watched fascinating stories of life and death unfold in courtrooms because of The Daily News. I learned about the inner workings of city councils, hospitals, schools and regional district boards because of The Daily News.

I learned about mill rates (well, I never did get that) and municipal budgets because of The Daily News.

I discovered I could make a speech because of The Daily News.

I found out I could be threatened and ridiculed and keep on writing because of The Daily News.

I met my husband because of The Daily News.

I introduced my children to the readers of The Daily News. And those wonderful never-to-be-forgotten readers cheered me on and chastised me as a parent through the pages of The Daily News.

I put birth announcements and obituaries of family members in The Daily News. Just as we all did in Kamloops because this newspaper recorded our stories, big and small.

When I heard the devastating announcement of its impending closure, I wondered how I would say goodbye to this wonderful local institution that was responsible for the greatest career a girl of 18 could ever have dreamed about when she decided to take a chance on journalism.

And even after I left 30 years later, it continued to wait for me like a gift every morning on my doorstep.

I guess there is only one thing to say.

So long and thank you, old friend. You will be missed, not only by me, but by our whole region, more than we know.


(A former reporter, assistant city editor, city editor, editor and freelancer of The Kamloops Daily News.)

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