Students left out as TRU faculty takes credit

Shame on the TRU faculty of business! I just picked up a copy of the B.C. Business magazine hoping to see the article the university had written for the magazine about my daughter and her teammates at the recent John Molson International Case competition only to see they had forgotten to list her name as a team member although the faculty and the dean are listed.

This might be forgiven as a clerical error but if you look at the TRU website and view the original writeup of the team posted in January that was copied almost word for word for this magazine article, the original article lists the five students.

Similarly, the current edition of the TRU School of Business and Economics Notes newsletter features the same article on the team's success nearly word for word even putting their pictures on the front cover, but again does not list any of the student team members but lists the faculty by name.

It appears the TRU business faculty are more concerned with thanking themselves than giving credit to the students who actually participated in the competition.

This group of four students and an alternate competed at this event, which is considered an Olympic games for MBA programs. The students competed with 36 teams from around the world and made it to the semi finals, beating out Queens University, University of Bordeaux (France), University of Indiana (U.S.) and the University of Lund (Sweden).

If the faculty really do see this event as an MBA Olympics then one must ask where the leadership and ethics are that would see an Olympic coach claim the medal as his own and not name the athlete who actually ran the race.

My daughter took on a part-time job to pay a babysitter so she could train five hours every Wednesday night for nearly three months to compete at this week-long competition. She gave up her Christmas holidays and many weekends with her kids all while balancing the full course load of an MBA program with her teammates hoping it would be worth it.

The effort was obviously worth it. It is too bad the TRU faculty of business does not seem to appreciate the students' sacrifices as much as their own.

Here is to giving credit where credit is due. Well Done, Rhonda Dever, Syed Talib Hussain, Sara Cummings, GuQian Zhao, and Amogh Prabhu - you should be proud of yourselves; you represented the community very well. As they said in Montreal, David really took on the Goliaths of Business Schools winning four out of five competitions. I am proud of you all!



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