Taking pride in Carl's Spot

Re: Carl's Spot Recognizes 'Gentle Soul' (The Daily News, Jan. 6).

I, too, remember Carl Phillips fondly; he always had a warm and welcoming smile.

I am so proud to live in the kind of city that recognizes and admires Carl and many others like him who collect the bottles and trash that are carelessly discarded on the roadside.

If one wants to see a work ethic, check out the people pushing a cart of bottles through the plowed snowbanks or up the Columbia Street connector in the heat of summer.

Please consider bundling your bottles and cans and carrying them in the trunk of your car to distribute to these hard-working people.

I lived and worked in the Lower Mainland for 30 years and hardly saw a familiar face in the grocery stores I frequented several times each week. I am so grateful to live in a community where a corporate store like Cooper's in Valleyview recognizes the value of all its citizens, even the most vulnerable; and where people are generous in their kindness.

My sincere condolences go out to Carl's family and my continuing loyal patronage to Cooper's.



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