That nurse looking after you is probably an LPN

Who's looking after you?

You know it's a nurse but what you don't know is that she/he is probably a licensed practical nurse, an LPN. This hard working, dedicated individual has had more than 550 hours of clinical practice, 185 hours of preceptorship, 790 hours of classroom instruction and has taken a Canadian national exam in order to be qualified to care for you. You will find them in every area of health care, including hospitals, residential care facilities, and out in the community.

Did you know that they will be providing expert care in the ER, OR, medical and surgical units, ICU, maternity and pediatric floors, specialized dementia units, renal dialysis units, palliative care areas, orthopedic floors, and many others? You did not realize, did you?

Do you know who's diligently managing your husband's stitches in the ER, or your child's broken arm in the pediatric unit or your mother's pain in the palliative care unit? Yes, it's probably an LPN, a licensed professional who puts their knowledge and loving care into everything they do.

So next time you ask for the nurse, realize the person that has been taking such special care of you, is probably me, an LPN.



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