Too many elk being hunted

In recent years Pritchard has had the opportunity to be home to a small herd of elk on the north side of the river. These animals grew from just a few into a herd of about 15 animals in about five years.

Unfortunately, the two Indian bands at Chase have taken it upon themselves to start shooting these animals for harvest, killing bulls and cows in the process, some on private land. It's incomprehensible that they would start wiping them out when this herd would have been a viable food source for them of about 50 animals in about five years from now.

It's a very sad, sad situation when the actions of a few opportunists ruin it for everyone else. Just because you can doesn't mean you should; kinda shows you what the native population thinks of managing wildlife at their disposal.

People in this neck of the woods are getting pretty fed up with this type of thinking. Everyone in the world has to follow rules; maybe it's time these individuals thought about making game flourish so there's a larger number to harvest instead of wiping them out before they even get started.

The Fish and Wildlife branch are, as usual, useless on these matters as they run and stick their head in the sand when the word natives is mentioned.

It would be nice to hear the chiefs of the two bands at Chase respond to what they're members are doing and what their thoughts are and where they stand on game management. I think the rest of us would be very, very interested. However, I don't believe they'll respond, because they don't have to.



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