Two miracles in one

I would like to thank all the people involved in helping us to get our dogs back safe and healthy. On Wednesday my car was hit while dropping my son off at work. The driver's side window shattered and my one dog, Minnie, took off scared. I tried to catch her but she was too quick for me.

When I returned to my car my other dog Maggie was also gone. She, too, had run off scared. My family and friends searched till about 10 that night with no luck. The next morning a lady had phoned. Her daughter Brandi had Maggie. Her father returned her to us.

We had Maggie back; now we needed Minnie. We put up posters at Riverside Park, the last place she was seen. A man phoned about 10 Thursday night and said he saw her at the park. We went there and it was her. It took some coaxing but she finally came to my husband.

It was a miracle that we had them both back. Amazing. So, thank you everyone, especially Brandi and her family, the man who phoned with the lead which lead us to Minnie, Tammy and Joanne who came right away to help search, and my mom who searched on Thursday.



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