UFO spotted during drive home from Vancouver

I read your article Monday, April 26, in The Daily News, Don't Touch The Aliens.

Although it may be difficult for some to believe, my wife and I had a very unusual experience. We were coming back from Vancouver in 1980 and as we passed on the highway above Ashcroft we heard a humming sound.

Looking above the windshield there was a space ship about 50 feet in diameter and (just guessing) about 20 feet in depth at the thickest part. It hovered over us, the wife was terrified. I just thought I could out run it.

My car would only do 120 miles per hour, which I did to no avail. The space ship stayed right with us. Suddenly up it went - as we watched it heading out into space. The flying saucer turned red with sparks flying off its outer shell.

I realized that the friction of the space ship against our mass caused it to heat up to that point. I am convinced beyond a reason of a doubt that there are life forms, could be human? Living on some of the planets in our universe.

If there are doubters about this experience I wrote about I will take any test by any psychologist or otherwise.



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