Boogie On: Getting ready to Boogie - again

I love today. It's the start of another meaningful Boogie season. I feel like I have a constant smile on my face; a quiet reflection in my heart and my focus is on all the wonderful people who will start training today in preparation for their goal on Boogie Day (Sunday, April 29). Some of you will walk, some of you will begin your running journey and some of you will set goals to reflect your years of experience on the road, trail and boogie route. Each person (and pace) is equal at Boogie and I am thankful that our beautiful city is embracing Movement as Change.

I still get wildly enthusiastic about movement for health. When I run, I play with leaves. I skip down the street. I jump over logs. I run against the wind. I run slow. I run fast. I stop at my favourite tree. Running brings to the surface everything in my heart (and mind) and I love the feeling of sweat on my face, dirt under my feet and the answers that arise from being outdoors. For those of you who have been running for years, you know exactly what I mean.

Last night before going to bed I scanned my email before I set the alarm on my phone. I read an email that stopped me in my tracks. A dear friend of ours, announced that she is about to battle cancer. My tears silenced my two daughters and they stared waiting. I explained through hugs and tears that our dear friend is a healthy runner with a great support system and that we would be there with her every step of the way.

What does this have to do with The Daily News Boogie? Everything. We have an amazing community here - one that supports each other in countless ways. Life is in a constant state of change for each and every one of us. Nothing in life ever stays the same. And the best way to honour that instead of fearing that is to stop and savour each other and where we are today. Boogie is a movement of support and healthy living. My dear friend has ran Boogie for years and I know I will see her cross her own emotional finish line on Boogie Day 2012. I know she will overcome this disease and that people will surround her with love, understanding and support.

I love Kamloops and Boogie is a place where each year, things are changed, but we still keep putting one foot in front of another. We are all connected here and when we come together in our red Boogie shirts on Boogie Day, we will support each other and take time to move (and to love).

Love is life, and if you miss love, you miss life. For this runner, I am in such a peaceful place. I have had enormous growth this past two years and my focus is on giving back to others in every way that I can.

My dear friend is in a big year of change. Movement will help her heal, reflect and rejoice. Boogie will be a time of joy for her and for all of us.

Kamloops, it's time to lace up the shoes, embrace change and get ready to Boogie together!

Jo Berry is co-ordinator of The Daily News Boogie and executive director of the Boogie the Bridge Society.

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