Training Talk: Arjun Singh

What an awesome, awesome experience. First, I want to thank Jo Berry for asking me to train with the RunClub this year. I also want to thank the Kamloops Daily News for the opportunity to write these columns.

Thanks to the amazing RunClub coaches and to my training friends. Almost every day, over the past month, someone has asked me how the Boogie training was going. It was great accountability and people were so supportive! Thank you Kamloops!

Today, in the 15th annual Boogie the Bridge, I walked/ran my first 5K event in a very long time.

People who have been reading these columns know that I never thought this was something I would or could do ever again. Buoyed by the trademark Boogie energy, thousands of people joined together today and had an awesome time being healthy.

I had a wonderful event partner in the Mayor's wife, Lianne, and we kept each other going. When we got to the end, it was so wonderful to be cheered in by the enthusiastic finish line crowd. My Dad was there, beaming. I could get used to this :). I hope I can keep it up!

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