Training Talk: Ryan Scorgie

The Daily News Boogie was AMAZING! I love the energy and excitement you feel in the air as people slowly make their way to Victoria Street for the start of Boogie.

Jo and the Boogie team as well as all of the countless volunteers do any excellent job of setting things up and creating a warm welcoming environment. It was great to watch the mini Boogies do their short 1km run and to hear the crowd cheer them on.

As the run got underway there was a cheer from the crowd that just never seemed to stop. All along the route there was music playing and people shouting words of encouragement.

It was a beautiful day for a run and there were thousands of people out enjoying it. I was running the 10km with the goal of doing it in under 1 hour. All the training paid off and I was under my time. What a great day. Movement really is Change! Thanks Boogie.

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