Training Talk: Tracy Gilchrist

Into Week 4, my cardio's feeling good and I seem to have moved beyond the aching knees. Might even note a sliver of muscle developing next to my knobby kneecaps and my calves are toning up.

Astonishing how a little boost in the run versus walk time can make such a difference. Last week, walking four minutes and running two was a breeze, yet the increase to 2 ½ minutes of running left me counting the seconds.

I haven't made the Sunday group run in two weeks. I know that a lack of sleep does not bode well for the demands of my Sunday late shift, so slept in a bit and ran alone. It works for the schedule but I miss the energy of the group, so attended Tuesday.

It's neat to mingle with strangers as we trot along at different paces in a steadily recircling unit (the Boogie coaches call out, "pick up," which means those at the front walk or run toward those at the back and we continue once we're all reunited).

I've chatted with folks about their jobs, childhoods, pets, families and the obvious, run experience. I met a school custodian who trains with us beginners in order to participate with his young daughter, chatted with several mother-daughter duos, a teacher, someone who works for the ministry of social services, an electrician, lawyer and the mayor's lovely wife.

Connecting with people I might otherwise never have met is proving a refreshing sidebar to the training.

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