Schultz preparing to be put to the test at Westerns

Emily Schultz has a big week ahead of her.

A colossal week. A gargantuan week, maybe.

Schultz, a 22-year-old athlete who trains out of KATTS Gymnastics, is scheduled to head to Grand Prairie, Alta., for the Western Canadian championships, scheduled to run April 28-30.

But there are more important things on the menu first - the third-year TRU sciences student has to complete two final exams in the early days of the week, one in physics, the other in ichthyology, the study of fish.

It shouldn't be trouble for someone who has gotten used to juggling classes and training over the years. Schultz is in the gym five days a week, 4-1/2 hours a session.

"It's hard sometimes, but I'm pretty good with my time management," says Schultz, who will be competing in the national open division. "Normally, it works out.

"I only took two classes this semester, I usually take four in the (fall) semester and three in the (winter) semester."

Schultz is something of a veteran at the Western Canadian championships. She was there last year, when they were held in Regina, and also in 2005 in Winnipeg.

There was a bit of a gap between her first two appearances, but the familiarity of being there last year should help in Grand Prairie.

"I'll probably be more relaxed, less uptight," Schultz says. "It's always fun, being with Team B.C."
Schultz's goals are the same as last year - hit her routines, finish top-15 all-around and make an event final or two.

The all-around competition is set for April 29, with the top eight in each of the four disciplines - floor, beam, uneven bars and vault - to compete in individual finals on April 30.

Schultz is confident she can achieve her goals, especially after what she classifies as a "pretty good" season.
"It's been better than last season," she says. "I've put a couple new skills into my routines and the results have been better."

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