Stench from pulp mill incredible

We are in the Aberdeen area overlooking the entire valley, west, east and north.

Last week there appeared a haze over the valley and we thought it might have been the result of a forest fire.

By the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), there was no doubt who was creating a considerable haze with puffs of clouds drifting north up the Thompson Valley as well as Valleyview to the east.

The stack at the pulp mill was spilling dark clouds (not white, but dark) over the entire valley. During the day the haze was floatingmuch higher than during the evening as a result of an inversion settling low.

The stench was incredible when we took a drive up Westsyde and Valleyview. It stunk like hell in town as well.

I'm sure if the environment people were present, the effluent coming out of that stack would exceed allowable limit.

We checked both Saturday and Sunday evenings as the stack is quite visible from our home and the release was as described above.

Once Monday morning arrived, the smoke emitting from the stack was very light, and the valley was clear indeed.

How much longer can we put up with this intolerable situation?



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