Training Talk

Tim Shoults, publisher, The Daily News

So we solved the pants issue from last week. Now it's a matter of catching up on shoes.

Week 2 of the Beginner Runclub training saw 53 of us at the airport dike for a run/walk along the Rivers Trail. But first, our indomitable leader Jo Berry had a few things to say about footwear - and chose me as an example of what not to wear. Apparently, if you paid $20 or less for your runners, they may not be optimally suited to doing a 10K. Who knew?

I tried to point out in my defence that they weren't falling apart - in fact, they had hardly seen any wear in the three years since I bought them. That didn't really change Jo's mind. So . . . off to the store this week, I guess.

Once we got moving, I was pleasantly surprised not to find the same screaming shin pains I started with last week - and even found myself passing people occasionally when we broke into the running segments (we're up to intervals of a minute and a half of running after four and a half minutes of walking, compared to one and five last week).

As usual, the supportive and congenial atmosphere provided by my fellow runners was the best part. I certainly didn't expect to find myself singing the closing song from Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood in harmony with one of my new friends. We'll break out the Les Miserables songbook next week . . .

Tina Moore, singer, writer, acting teacher and runner

I had such fun jogging with the Runclub last Sunday. It's great seeing so many people out on a chilly Sunday morning ready to put their physical, mental and emotional health first.

This particular jog I found myself talking to many mothers. One woman is nursing a young infant, so I commented on how impressed I was that she was there. "Jogging keeps me sane," she said. Another mother spoke of incredible stress and difficulties. She said the same thing. "Jogging keeps me sane." It's not easy for these women to get out the door when they have children who need them, partners on shift work, or they are single moms juggling babysitters or play-dates.

Yet, there they are Sunday morning, running. I have deep respect for these women. I just have to put on runners and walk out the door. It was very humbling to hear their stories. We jogged 14.5 kilometres along the river and it was gorgeous. Afterwards a group of us met for coffee and a visit. Running is far more than getting in shape, it's also an excellent social outlet, emotional outlet and support system. It's a great way to live. Check out my blog

Jeff Putnam, facilities and business operations manager, City of Kamloops

I have to admit I was very worried about our second Boogie 10K training session. Jo Berry always says the hardest part of Boogie training "is just getting there," but having read my homework it said we were going to run for eight minutes, walk for two minutes and repeat six times - plus add a five-minute run at the end. Sixty-fire minutes total! I have honestly never run for 65 minutes in my entire life, so I was getting very concerned as I drove toward the Kamloops Airport meeting place along the Rivers Trail. I tried to get myself pumped up with music blaring inside my car . . . Show Me the Way by Styx . . . the greatest rock band that ever existed.

As our group headed out along the trail we had the pleasure of having two incredible coaches, Karen and Bob. Bob is a local community leader who is very inspiring to run with and share great conversation about politics and skiing. Karen never started running until she was 38 years old. She lives at Sun Rivers and loves what running has done for her physical health. She has completed six marathons and goes to Vegas every year to run in a half-marathon.

Very cool.

I also met a young lady who just moved to Kamloops from the Netherlands and is entering medical school soon. Another person just moved from Smithers and loves it here. After all of the great conversations, I realized we just ran for 68 minutes. What a blast! Until next week, keep on running.

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